20742 New wearable uses sound to maintain deep sleep

New wearable uses sound to maintain deep sleep

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New wearable uses sound to maintain deep sleep

Multiple studies have shown the benefits of a good night’s sleep relative to improved memory and cellular regeneration, yet good sleep seems to be eluding more and more people. The recent launch of Rythm and the introduction of its Dreem device adds a new approach to combat that problem, by detecting when a sleeper is in a deep sleep state and maintaining that state through the use of sound.

Dreem consists of a series of proprietary sensors and a sound-emitting device built into an adjustable headband made of a lightweight silicone polymer. The sensors act like a portable EEG (electroencephalogram) and monitor a sleeper’s brain waves in real time. When the device detects that a sleeper has entered a deep sleep state, the device emits a sound against the skull, which reportedly prolongs that state. No earplugs are necessary.

A proprietary machine-learning algorithm helps the device become more effective over time, as it continues to collect more information about a user’s sleep patterns.

The company is quick to point out that Dreem is not a sleep aid, in that it is not meant to help you fall asleep. It says that unlike other devices that just track your sleep activity, Dreem helps improve the quality of your sleep in real time by both tracking your sleep activity and actively doing something to improve it.
While the accompanying app (iOS only for now) is meant to work as both a smart alarm clock that wakes you at the optimal sleep stage, and a data-tracking tool, it does not have to be active for the Dreem headset to work. However, users can see their brain activity via the app while they have the headset on.

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If Dreem is indeed able to actively influence quality deep sleep, it will be different from sleep-monitoring devices like the Sleepace RestOn or the Neuroon that use a sleep mask and light therapy to influence better sleep patterns.

Rythm is taking orders on its site for a limited number of Dreem devices at a cost of US$349, with delivery expected later this year.

The accompanying video provides more information about the Rythm and the Dreem device.

New wearable uses sound to maintain deep sleep

New wearable uses sound to maintain deep sleep


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